A place to start


​This site is a response to the many questions I've had from people around me in relation to changing my behaviour towards alcohol.


The information and links are a collection of my favourite discoveries from my own sober seeking adventures, including techniques, books, videos and articles.  I’ve found all of these resources really helpful on my path to changing my own drinking habits .  Of course there are so many places to visit and things to look at so this site, at the very least, may set you on your way.


The content will also hopefully inspire you to feel less anxious about any change you choose to make and more confident and informed in your decisions around drinking in the future.


More importantly I know from personal experience that there are many reasons to feel excited!  Attitudes are changing as we understand more about alcohol and how it affects us.  Not drinking doesn't have to mean anything about you, it is your choice, for your health, wealth and drive to live a full and meaningful life. 

This is why I decided to call this SoberUpside, because there are so many!


I hope that the content of this site will help as you start or continue your own journey..

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