My heart broke a little over the weekend. I saw a number of posts coming from the UK, related to the wave of excitement that people were BACK IN THE PUBS!

That is not what made me sad, I’m thrilled that my homeland is opening up again, but the comments that struck me were from people not drinking ( for whatever reason) who were affected by the elation that people were sharing….. that they could finally drink together again.

I remember in the months after I quit, long after any physical cravings hit me, I would still sit with drinkers and think ‘why can’t I just be normal’. Why can’t I just have one? It was isolating. I felt excluded and broken. At that time I still felt that drinking ethanol was normal and that not drinking it made me ‘not normal’.

Why? Because I was deeply conditioned to think this, from a wide, wide range of influences.

It has taken many months to come to the conclusion that either no one is normal or we all are – but really is there any such thing?. I believe we are all unique. We are all built differently. We all have challenges and we all have gifts. We are all just humans doing the best we can.

My challenge was alcohol. Booze and me are just a bad match. I’m grateful my challenge was something I could overcome & that, through that process, experience learnings and growth that have led me to living a life I am now proud of.

If you feel you are not normal for not drinking then I want to say I understand, I felt it too. It’s normal not to feel normal, and to see that as a negative. That is not your fault.

But there is an opportunity here, and my hope is that you can move past this judgement, see yourself through kinder eyes, embrace your challenge as your unique chance to grow and, in time, your ticket to a better life.

Wherever you are at be your own perfect version of normal. That is more than good enough for any human being.

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