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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Whether you want to cut back, take some time off or quit alcohol for good you have come to right place.

Explore your options:

1. Do an online course

More and more people are choosing to join on-line cut-back or quit alcohol programs. These work especially well if you like a lot of information, resources, support and group motivation. The downside is they often cost money.

2. Read or listen to a relevant book

There are a lot of books now available that provide the steps, tools and information to motivate you to take control and focus on the benefits of not drinking. Books are a great starting point if you have the time and motivation to do it alone. You can also listen to audiobooks and multi-task!

3. Download an APP that will motivate you, track your changes and connect you with others.

The HelloSundayMorning App, Daybreak, is used worldwide by people looking to change their drinking behaviour. Visit the APPs page for a variety of options to help you stay on track on-the-go.

4. Join a group and start socialising with like-minded people ( face to face or online)

If you're looking to meet like-minded people take a look at the growing number of groups and meet-ups in areas all over Australia. Choose one you like the look of, join and get out and about! ( or online amidst current COVID-19 crisis). There's nothing like connecting with other people on the same journey.

You may also consider chatting to your GP or counsellor about what path will be best for you or you call call one of the helplines on our 'Immediate Help' page.

Put procrastination to one side and take the leap. You won't regret it.

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