Happy Hangovers

Waking up on the Upside

Since giving up alcohol I've tried many different tools and tricks to help me continue to focus on the great things about not drinking, especially when temptation calls.

Without a doubt though my number one motivator and reminder not to go back is how damn good my brain feels!

I now wake up every morning and think back to the night before, exactly like I used to, but now there's no guilt or shame, there's no disappointment or fear of what I did, said or revealed, and there is definitely no hangover!

If you've managed 1 day or 1000 days off the drink I believe it's imperative to bask in this clarity every morning after a successful drink-free day the day before. Even if it's just for a few seconds it's one of the best ways to remind yourself how good it feels not to drink. I flash it through my mind, every morning, and the more I do that the easier it is to remember the feeling when I feel tempted or conflicted about my choices

For the sake of instant recall I call this my happy hangover ( just in my own head, I don't run around telling people, that would be odd, although wierdly I never had a problem telling people I was actually hungover) but anyway, after every night without a drink I strongly suggest that you take the time to wallow in how good you feel the next day.

I find it's important here to also do a little self back-patting. Yes, it's totally out there I know, actually being kind to myself, but I figure I've spent over 30 years doing the opposite and that hasn't done me much good, so f* it. I tell myself I'm bloody awesome for not drinking, every morning, and now it seems as normal as telling myself I was weak and pathetic like I used to.

One of the best things, as mentioned above, is how great my brain feels, every day. The clarity I have, the strength to negotiate with myself when negativity pops up, the lack of frayed edges from the alcohol or lack of memory. Everything runs smoothly, even bad stuff doesn't get me down so much, and the longer I go the better it gets.

This happy hangover is now something I would miss so much more than the oblivion of drinking and the self disgust the next day, so I make a point of appreciating it and it really helps keeps me on track.

So next time you wake without having a drink the night before perhaps just stop for moment, even before you open you eyes. Take a little exploration of your brain ( I like to imagine it's like my tongue looking for a sore spot in my mouth), probe about, see what's there and notice what you find. Personally I don't find any sore spots anymore, just crystal clear, healthy tissue, with limitless potential.

So give it a try next time you resist temptation and wake on the Upside. I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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