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As a discerning non-drinker you don't have to be stuck with boring sodas or sugary mocktails anymore.  If you're looking for some sophisticated alcohol-free drink alternatives to enjoy then try a few of these delicious alcohol-free options. I've tried them all, often! There's nothing quite like a bottle of bubbles ( without the headache).

Important to note that if you're used to the 'real thing' you need to keep an open mind and re-train your taste buds a bit.

And you can enjoy one at any BYO restaurant - read my experiences here  MISSION - ALCOHOL FREE BYO


Another great online store that has a fantastic collection of alcohol-free options. And fast delivery!


Alco-Free Online Store. Great variety and fast shipping. Most of these are available here.


Dry London Spirit Lyres offers an amazing range of non-alcoholic spirits. This one, a take on Gin is crisp & aromatic Has notes of juniper, citrus, earthy moss, ripe berries and black pepper throughout the palate. Delicious with a mixer or in a blend of their other offerings.

Lyres Italian Orange By far my fave with a mix of soda. A perfect alternative to Campari, bitter/sweet and refreshing.


Lyres Apéritif Rosso My top three are featured here. This one, plus the Italian Orange and London Dry make my fave of all time - the NOgroni. Life has never been quite the same!


Ariel Chardonnay A delightful AF Chardy that works well as an alterative, but perhaps only if you're a seasoned AF drinker.


This is a really good Red Wine AF option, served a little chilled. Again, not much like the real thing but if you haven't had a real wine for a while it's worth a try.

Brogsitter Legere Sparkling

This non alcoholic sparkling wine is my number one favourite. It's a little more expensive than the others but it's the perfect alternative for those who do not want to miss the tingle and want to enjoy the taste of sparkling dry wine.


EDENVALE RESERVE BLANC DE BLANC My second fave champagne substitue. Great price and really low calories. This premium alcohol removed wine contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume


EDENVALE SPARKLING ROSE Love this sparkling Rose on a weekday if I feel like a treat. Inexpensive and not to sweet.

EDENVALE SHIRAZ I have been told by wine drinkers that it tastes a bit Ribena-like BUT for an affordable drop when you just feel like a treat it's hard to go past this one.


CARLTON ZERO As per it's claims Carlton Zero does have a real beer flavour. Slightly hoppy with a fruity aroma, it is a full-flavoured classic beer style.


This non alcoholic Chardonnay is fresh and light, with aromas of citrus and green apples. It is on the on the drier side and very enjoyable.


DOMAINE DE LA PRADE Richard Juhlin’s Domaine de la Prade Organic Merlot/Shiraz alcohol free wine.


I love Rose wine and thisn one from the famous Torres winery is made from a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the Catalunya region of Spain. It's light, dry and delicous.


SANTA DIGNA SAVIGNON BLANC This is a very convincing non-alcoholic wine that is made by a true champion of the style, Miguel Torres , who have a quest for excellence in all things


Brogsitter Légère Cabernet Sauvignon This non alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon is my preference with a nice cheese plate. It's a deep and red, and has high tannin content. On the drier side it's very enjoyable.


HEINEKEN ZERO A crowd favourite. This beer has sold out multiple times and is an Aussie fave. I don't mind it & only 69 Calories in a bottle!


I'm not a big beer drinker but this crisp Japanese beer is pretty good. And it is very low in Gluten & zero calories!

SOBAH CRAFT BEERS These guys are the first ( I know of) to create a range of craft style non-alcoholic beers. They are proudly Aboriginal owned and led.


KROMBACHER PILSNER Krombacher Pilsner Apparently the most popular non-alcoholic pils in Germany.

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