This site responds to the numerous questions I've had since I stopped drinking and is designed based on what I needed when I started my own non-drinking adventures. 

Firstly I'm a business woman with a successful company here in Australia (13 years). I'm also an ex 'upstream' problem drinker. You can read all about my story in the article below.  But, in brief, I drank a lot, couldn't imagine life without it, but hated it at the same time. I knew I needed and wanted to stop, sick of living life at 70%,  but didn't know how ( my story)


Now I LOVE not drinking. It is without doubt the smartest thing I've ever done and it has inspired me to share this joy with others (without being too preachy).

I am incredibly passionate about normalising and encouraging respect and understanding for people who are struggling with any kind of addiction, compulsion, or mental difficulty (actually, I think that's all of us?) and in helping people to explore the possibility of a life that is less reliant on alcohol. Maybe you don't drink a lot, but when you do you feel terrible? Or maybe you've reached a stage where you know and want to take action to quit or cut back dramatically but you're not sure where to start?

Here's my hope, that the words and resources in this site will inspire courage, inspiration, and opportunity for change.

No judgment, labels, or stigma. 

I hope you enjoy exploring.

JAN 2020:

I now work with companies, organisations and individuals on application. This includes presentations, alcohol-free tastings/events and coaching.  If you'd like to discuss how I can help please contact me via the contact form below or give me a call on +61 415 913 743

Although not for everyone, personally, I find alcohol-free alternatives work really well for me. My sideline passion project  @sober_sommelier is my social media contribution hoping to bring AF into the mainstream so we can socialise like real grown-ups!

And for my journey to loving life alcohol- free you can read my MiNDFOOD article here.

A Place to Start



Looking to explore, conquer or master the art of living an adventurous and happy life without relying on alcohol? Whether you'd like to cut down, take a break or quit alcohol for good, you'll find resources & inspirations to help you start or continue your own investigation into a sober- friendly life. 

If you'd like to chat to me about introducing alcohol-free ( or almost) into your organisation or if you'd like to chat about your goals please contact here.


The Upsides of getting & maintaining control over your relationship with alcohol are many. If you're looking for the positives of not drinking see if any of the benefits below can motivate you to start;


Improved CLARITY.  Quality SLEEP.  Mental and Physical HEALTH.  Better RELATIONSHIPS.  Self RESPECT.  More MONEY,  Increased PRODUCTIVITY and TIME...the list goes on....


Whatever your reasons or goals there's something here to help.


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If you are in crisis or would like some professional help here are some places to go.

Counselling Online offers 24-hour free drug and alcohol counselling. 

Family Drug Support Australia offers 24-hour support to families and friends of drug and alcohol users. Call 1300 368 186.

If you need help with alcohol addiction, call Alcoholics Anonymous on 1300 222 222