We all have our own stories and reasons why we reach turning points in life. And there are many paths we can take. My own story is long & complicated but it's ultimately one of finding ways to conquer demons, overcome challenges and enjoy as much of this short life as possible.


There are a few reasons for this site but mostly it is designed based on what I needed when I started my non-drinking adventures. 

I wanted to highlight some of the options that are not necessarily obvious to you when you are in the midst of isolation or confusion and you're wondering where to turn. ​

I am also incredibly passionate about normalising and encouraging respect & understanding for people who are struggling with any kind of addiction, compulsion or mental difficulty ( actually I think that's all of us?).  We really are not alone.

And so....here's my hope.  That the words and resources in this site will inspire courage, inspiration and opportunity for change.

Without judgement, labels or stigma. 


OK, I’ll hop off the soap box now.

I hope you enjoy exploring and I wish you all the best on your adventures.

'Just one Story' in the BLOG is mine if you'd like to know more.